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Some of the characteristics of inflatable shaft

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Flatulence axis characteristics:

1: inflatable short operation time, flatulence axis and separation of paper tube and placed only 3 seconds to complete the inflation and deflation, any parts need not be divided. The shaft end side can close tube occlusion and paper。

2: the paper tube placed in operation of inflation and deflation: simple, movable and fixed paper tube in the axial plane of any one location.

3: large weight capacity: according to the actual needs of customers, to determine the axial size, and the use of high stress of steel, the weight increase.

4: high efficiency: shaft design for special functions, for thick, thin, narrow width, all kinds of paper tube can apply to all.

5: simple maintenance, long service time: flatulence axis for the single parts, each part of the structure have a fixed size, can exchange used, the repair is convenient.

Flatulence axis use:

Use of flatulence axis is very wide, where there is a winding, rewinding, slitting machine, can apply flatulence axis, even including the light metal industry. Such as: flatulence axis is mainly suitable for printing equipment: drying machine, flexo printing machine, a concave plate, trademark printing machine and so on; other machinery: coating machine, leather machine, forming machine, embossing machine, slitting machine, cutting machine, rewinding machine, paper machine, bag making machine, laminating machine, laminating machine, film blowing machine, blowing machine, laminating machine, embossing machine, paper machine, non-woven machine, cloth inspecting machine, bronzing machine, battery equipment and related machinery supporting the use of. More knowledge about flatulence axis:

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