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Application of flatulence axis in coating machine.

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Flatulence axis technology knowledge:

Application of the following talk about flatulence axis in coating machine:

First understand what is coating machine: extrusion casting compound machine, industry parts manufacturers and users called coating machine, also known as composite extrusion machine, casting machine, extrusion casting machine, casting compound machine, coating machine, coating machine ( not accurate, actually refers to the hot melt adhesive coating machine scraper ), is a extrusion molding machine。 Has a high degree of automation, simple operation, high production speed, uniform coating thickness, good adhesion, rewinding, no environmental pollution, the advantages of labor and material cost savings, mature in Europe and the United States has developed, recently began to use, is the alternative dry compound, hot melt adhesive coating compound trend.

All reeling, unreeling use machine, can apply flatulence axis, flatulence axis up to six meters or more, the shortest can reach hundreds of mm, is to set the length according to the customer need。

The relevant search: strip type inflatable shaft flange inflatable shaft cantilever flatulence axis

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