HitmanPro 3 (64-bit)

From SurfRight:

HitmanPro 3 (64-bit) is a second opinion scanner, designed to rescue your computer from malware (viruses, spyware, and rootkits.) that have infected your computer despite all the security measures you have taken (such as anti virus software and firewalls.). Just relying on a single vendor is not sufficient to completely protect you. You do need a second source to make sure you are secure. HitmanPro 3 (64-bit) is designed to work alongside existing security programs without any conflicts. It scans the computer quickly (less than 5 minutes) and does not slow down the computer (except for the few minutes it is scanning). HitmanPro 3 (64-bit) does not need to be installed. It can be run straight from a USB flash drive, a CD or DVD, local or network attached hard drive.

Status of the softwareFree to try
Operating systemWindows 7, 8, Vista, XP
DeveloperSurfRight, other software
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